Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just so you know,
I haven't forgotten about today.
Went on a lunch date with grandma today.
She's definitely much older and weaker than I last remembered. Her steps grew slower and slower as the walk to the bus stop proceeded and her grip and my shoulder were like a mixture - hard because she needs the support; weak because she didn't have the strength to hold it for too long.

This short lunch with grandma made me feel like a complete asshole.
It made me wonder if opening my eyes meant becoming more selfish.

Throughout that short walk, I had to constantly remind and force myself to slow down to match her pace. In the past, it just happened naturally. Serving her was a natural instinct, a natural responsibility. Now, however, I have to be reminded. And that's not good.

Before i left for the states, i used to come home and stomp over to her place to greet her - no matter how much i dreaded it. but now, i can't even be bothered to smile at her. i used to spend a long time at her place after meals to talk to her, to give her her pills or to at least hear her complain a bit. but all i do now is spend 10 minutes eating the food and quickly washing the dishes before i leave.

and i put no effort in hiding how eager i am to leave.

All i do now is return to my room and keep myself occupied with rearranging and packing the place up. i'm pretty sure a large part to why i'm putting so much effort in revamping the room is because i cant be bothered to face anyone in this home.

Why can't I just be more patient with everyone? i obviously realize how lonely she is. yet, a huge part of me don want to.

Everytime i feel guilty, a voice in me would remind me of how everyone will make use of this weakness to send me on guilt trips. EVERYONE seems to know it. can't they see she's lonely? why must i be the one to bend? coz i'm a girl?

these are exactly what i hear everytime i hesistate in walking away.

sadly, i really love spending time on my own. sometimes, i really want to do more, to care more. but the thought of how instead of appreciating the effort, people either use it to benefit themselves or think i have an ulterior motive or simply doubt me makes me boiling mad and confused all over again.

grandma won't appreciate them. she will ask for more. mum will say she appreiciates them.. but that's after i storm off.. AFTER she criticizes almost everything i've done. and the sad part is most of these criticisms are on petty things like the direction of the hanger. -_-' Alex just thinks he's the boss. Alvin's the best because he does nothing but plays his playstation. but i like him because at least he does his part and he shows his appreciation.

you see, such things are reciprocal. or at least to me they are.

i know it's tough on mother as well. afterall, she's treated like a slave by both her mum and her children. and i do want to help her. but why should i? my brothers are locking themselves in their room after meal. as for me, i still have to face her every bloody night. and it's human nature that she'ld wanna make use of me to earn some freedom for herself. but i know them - this will grow to be habit to both the old ladies. on top of that, i get blamed for EVERYTHING.

can u believe my uncle is still passing snide remarks everytime i walk pass him? " why do u wanna be a social worker? "; " you wanna be a social worker right? make my son/daughter study "; " spend more time with ah ma la. social worker mah ". i don think he means it really badly..but it sucks when no one in your family supports you. when will this stigma end?

it's really stiffling here.

but at the same time,
i cannot help but realize how selfish i am.

What do you do when you want to fulfil two inversely correlated responsibilities?

I really should start counting my blessings. Imagine a kid without parents. I'm already very lucky.

goodnight world.

It'll be fine,
nothing to fear.
She will be happy as she was here.
Things have worked out much better than planned.
It makes you smile when fate takes a hand.
And I know I'll forget,
how much she meant to me.
and how she was almost my baby,

Monday, September 28, 2009

Have you ever had a moment when you've known - i mean, logically known in your head -that you're a fantastically lucky person, that you're truly fortunate to have an education, to live in a nice place in a great city, to have friends who care about you and all that, but you just can't get yourself to actually feel it?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

There is so much we can learn from the Taiwanese.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hate being such a loser.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Because you're hoping you're wrong.
and everytime she does something that tells you she's no good,
you ignore it.
and everytime she comes through and surprises you,
she wins you over.
and you lost that argument with yourself that she's not for you

Monday, September 21, 2009

A typical conversation with mother goes like this:

" Tomorrow you're not going out? Ok, good. So wake up at 8 am, 9 am send your brother to work, then we bring ah ma out for breakfast. After that, I go and work in the afternoon but i think i can get out at 3 or 4 pm. After that we go shopping for your work clothes. But don't tell your ah ma. We secretly go out. "


Firstly, I'm not interested in sending my brother to work or going for breakfast with grandma.

Secondly, I'm not interested in shopping for work clothes because not only have i not found a job, we also usually end up running your errands and you know how much i hate trying on new clothes unless absolutely necessary.

Thirdly, why do i feel like we're going out on a tryst?


How do you say things like this without hurting your mum?

I'ld much rather we remain in that distant manner than having you try to break the ice by following me WHEREVER I GO. I hate the fact that you're starting to open up.. and you just assume i wanna listen to you or i wanna spend my whole day with you.

Even if i wanted to do that, I wouldn't anymore. Because that's how you slowly eat into sending me on guilt trips. Something like what you're beginning to do right now. And after that, the family will do it too. SHIT. I'm sorry, but i'm not going to follow your footsteps anymore. I need to break free.

I don't wanna spend the whole day in the room with you, i don't want to watch all those movies with you. I mean, abit's alright but once you know i'm not going out and you have the day off, you start making plans. OMG! and you don't even ask. You just decide. Just like that.

I'm not your subordinate. I want to be left alone.. stop invading into my circle of control. Sigh, but how can I tell you that? You can't even take the hint of my shifting out on my own. Either that, or you totally just ignore that fact.

It's not I don't care about you. I am grateful to you but you are smothering me, mother.

Totally hate how those guilty pangs are inching in.

My Id and Superego so must stop this war right now. Because i can feel myself caving into the pressure very soon.
When do you know it's all worth it?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Been thinking of Celia pretty much today. I think it's the cold, stormy weather.. reminds me of that night she stayed up in my room. The same kind of weather - only with the warmth of a friend. It was tiring, no doubt. but it was fun. Simply because we were so tired, we were talking without thinking. Just shooting everything out of our mouths randomly. And before that, we spent like 3 hours talking in toilet. Haha.. I can still see the faces of Evelyn, Sigrid and Julie when they walked in time after time only to see us sitting on the table top in the EXACT SAME POSITION. Would do anything to see those expressions again.

It was very nice of her to just do stupid things with the colour papers while i struggled with my awesome artistic skills. And i mean really struggle. It's like everytime i tried to show off something I invented, she'll find a fault with it. " HOW DARE YOU DO SOMETHING WITH EDGES LIKE THAT?! " " OMG! LOOK AT THIS! CAN I CUT IT FOR YOU? MY GOD! YOU CALL THIS A GIFT?! "

What an asshole.

I guess she could tell i'm not really talented that way, that's why she decided to give me some kind of motivation.

Anyway, the fun part was also how we stopped each other from falling asleep. You see, I was WAY behind schedule and we had a friend who was leaving the next morning so by 5 am, we knew we shouldn't be zzzing or we'ld definitely not wake up in time. But when the clock striked 600am and those coyotes started howling or making that strange noise they make, our eyes took a life on their own. Or rather, they decided that enough was enough. We soon found ourselves fast asleep - gentleman me head on the bed, body on the floor while she curled up on the floor, right beside the computer. I think we dozed off for about 15 minutes before we both decided it was too cold and both jumped onto the bed with the alarm set to go off in half an hour.

Who were we kidding? Of course we couldn't get up in half an hour! We didn't even hear the alarm go off. Thank god Kelsey's memory didn't fail her that day. She banged on the door right before she went for breakfast and despite being disoriented, we made it in time to say goodbye.

Good times, good times.

Really miss that kid.
You know how lotsa people say that your life flashes before your eyes right before you die? All of a sudden, I feel like MY life is flashing right before my eyes. No, i'm not dying. It's just happening.

I could be all confused and unhappy one minute, nostalgic the next and then behaving all calmly thereafter. What the hell is wrong with me?

I'm at the point where once again, I can't find the right words or form the right sentences. There is SO MUCH i would like to say.. so much that's screaming to come out but nothing is flowing. I must've written at least 5 different entries for each mood, only to delete them by the time I reach the end because I feel differently by then. Shit.

There's no peace within right now. No music that makes sense, no sound that isn't noise. And I can't seem to point out what is wrong. The world seems to be moving faster than I've ever seen and yet, it's slow at the same time. Kinda like a split world - like i'm living in a twilight zone.

What am i thinking about? Why do i feel so vexed? The world suddenly seems so big again. And i see myself as that puny little forlorn child crouched down at one corner of this gigantic universe while the world zooms by. Literally. I want the peace within. I want to find that peace.. but how am i supposed to solve a problem without first realizing what it is?

So i left today. Found a place where i could disappear for at least half an hour and i just sat there. Sat.. and sat... and sat..


Still no peace.

I tried to break it all down, tried to think of many reasons why i could be feeling like that. And i realized there are just too many. It's not the big problems that are the frustrating ones.. it's the too small to rectify it but too big to ignore it kind that kills me.

I'm afraid of reverting back to the past. Afraid of being too dependent on everyone or too gutless to make decisions without overthinking it, without disecting every single corner just to BE SURE that that's the right decision. But how can i ever be sure? No one's ever sure.

As it is, I can already see it happening; I can feel it coming back. My friends know me too well..

When I first touched down, pl came to visit and help me readjust. Xie and Ks followed thereafter, trying to keep me occupied. Then pl's there again for more.. advices. Jasmine's been helping me find jobs, find ways to to cure the itch, helping me find a direction. Kl's been complaining about how I've neglected her for 2 years but still knows where i'm heading to right now, Karolina, Agata and Celia's been uber worried about me since I came back, mari's been rationalizing for me.. and the list goes on!

It's like the world's spoonfeeding me again. Even without me meeting them, they are still there for me. And what do i do? I disappear from their lives as and when I like. Yet every single time, these people come back.

I can no longer hide this guilt i'm feeling. This sense of worthlessness. It's uh.. hard to explain how this works.

I love, appreciate and need all my friends. But because of how much they've done for me, I feel like I have a responsibility for everyone, even though this 'responsibility' or 'expectation' they have on me may not exist. Sometimes i feel like i have to match up to everyone's social norms eg, to find a high paying job or to join the corporate world in order to be useful.

Maybe that's why i want to walk away. Because I owe everyone far too much. Sometimes, spending too much time in your comfort zone makes it a lil' 'uncomfortable'.

I want some alone time - without any hidden agenda or without the need to escape. I need alone times like those in ynp where i do it just to make sense of the day, to tie up some lose ends, to have a 'reflection time' at the end of the day and to appreciate everything around me. Somehow, things are not slow enough here to do that. Things are not green and big enough for me to just stare up, take in the air and smile. Most importantly, i need my alone time with dad, and god. I know i'm starting to sound all holy and stuff.. but i'm really not at all honk-if-you-love-jesus kind. ( not yet anyway. ;) ) It's just.. i could feel something when i was at ynp. But there's nothing now. Zilch.

I miss those times.

And i couldn't stop thinking of all the weirdest and most random times in YNP today. Mostly it was of all the walks past mara's place, past the pub, past the snow lodge. And the walks back from the pub by the ranger station. Somehow, these places suddenly seem so warm. But sometimes i do wonder if it's warm because of the place or because of the people. I guess putting both together makes it that much perfect.

A house is too big. But having a room for yourself, admist a communal environment with the right people, and in the wild.. that's living. You get your own space, AND you get to interact. You have to be independent, you have to be bold, you get to live life as it is.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Don't make room for regrets.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Really wish there was something I could do..
So i've been all absorbed by the guitar again lately.
Seems like that's my other vice whenever i'm procrastinating.

But at 10pm today, (ie 8am Yellowstone time),
I couldn't play a proper tune at all.
Everything was jumbled, too fast or had no feel to it.

You see, today's the day most of them leave Yellowstone.
And apart from having my thoughts distracted by those leaving - and how everyone's going their separate ways,
I can't help but think of those staying behind as well.

Can you just imagine the anguish?

Wish there was something that can be done.

Goodbyes are just so freakin' hard. Dammit!

Also, I've started scouting for jobs. Found a couple of interesting ones.. but everytime I jot them down, the voices of my family just keeps ringing in my head. Met up with one of my malaysian uncle lately.. and he followed us in collecting my cert. When he asked what my plan was and he heard the term 'social work', he just kept quiet. And after a couple of hours when he learned that the degree is in marketing, he preached NON-STOP about how I should go into business first and only concentrate in social work when i'm near retirement.

Sometimes i wonder if it's just my perception or if it's because of their age. But the old people ALWAYS relates social work to serving the older people in the society. What about the mentally challenged or the problem kids? What about third world countries that requires our energy and youth? Don't they need us? Or is this just a part of my fantasized world?

I'm so confused.

What is my calling?

Sometimes it feels like out of no where, I've been dumped in the middle of the desert where no proper roads could be made out. I can walk either direction I deem fit and wherever I turn, a beautiful town seem to be there. But could all this be just some kind of a mirage? What if a wrong decision is made? Would it be too late to turn back? Will I be heading for something that never existed? Or did i choose the right route? Will i know WHEN to turn back?

Is this really a useless lifestyle? Should i go down the route everyone is taking or should I make my own route?

Oh boy, all these questions. Who can ever answer them?

And there this whole issue of leaving the country. Indeed, I may have to work a couple of years first. But I'm afraid of how I might forget about how strong this desire is when the time comes.

I hate changes. When I get accustomed to this life, would I want to risk it all to try a life outside this 'comfort zone' ?

See, more questions.

I see the look in everyone when I express my thought of leaving. Friends and family just keep silent. Dead silent. But i can't make out what this silence means. Is it a doubtful silence or a why-must-you-leave silence? Juan thinks I will leave eventually.

Well, truth is if I still feel this way in 6 months, I most likely will. And I am preserving this 'feeling' by distaning myself from ALOT of people. So i do owe an apology to many of my friends and some of my family members.

I am in a very very confused state of mind right now. Please bear with me.

The day the door is closed,
The echoes fill your soul.
They won't say which way to go,
Just trust your heart.

To find what you're here for,
Open another door.
But I'm not sure anymore,
It's just so hard.

Voices in my head,
Tell me they know best!
Got me on the edge -
They're pushin', pushin', they're pushin'!

I know they've got a plan,
But the ball's in my hands!
This time is man-to-man!
I'm drivin', fightin', inside of,
(A world that's upside down)
It's spinning faster!

What do I do now,
Without you?

I don't know where to go,
What's the right team?
I want my own thing,
So bad I'm gonna scream!

I can't choose, so confused -
What's it all mean?
I want my own dream,
So bad I'm gonna scream!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Karolina, Agata and 99.9999% of the Taiwanese girls leaves tomorrow morning.

Even in Singapore, it doesn't feel good. Don't know why. So imagine what Kelsey, Matej, Julie, Jana Melody and Sarah must be feeling..

So this morning, I got up and in loving memory of them...


I ate THREE peanut butter and jelly!

heh heh. there goes my non-existant diet plan.

Go away, weird feeling.

It was my blessing to cross path with you guys. Thanks for being such pals.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I can't believe this moment's come,
it's so incredible that we're alone.
There's so much to be said and done,
it's impossible not to be overcome.

Will you forgive me if I feel this way?
Coz we've just met - tell me that's OK.
So take this feeling, make it grow.
Never let it - never let it go.

I can't explain the things that I'm feeling.
No, I won't let go..

Now would you mind if I bared my soul?
If I came right out and said,
you're beautiful.
Coz there's something here I can't explain.
I feel I'm diving into driving rain.
You get my senses running wild,
I can't resist your sweet, sweet smile.
So take this feeling, make it grow.
Never let it - never let it go.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I like the wild.

I like taking those walks alone.
The kicking of sand in the air.
and the sitting by the backyard of that stupid, over-sensitive old lady, with a beer in one hand, fags in another and one more bottle in my pouch coupled with those earphones blasting in my ear.

I like talking to that faceless soul beside me; throwing pebbles down that 'cliff' while i look over the softball field.

I like the long walk by the road from the trailer park, past the pub and back to the dorm.
I like stopping by the pub for maybe one more drink before heading back and plonging myself onto the picnic bench - sometimes alone, sometimes with friends.
Maybe then, i'll have another drink and another fag. and another, and another. haha.

I like visiting that smelly horse/mule that sniffs up the wrong areas.
Thereafter, walking down to the softball field just to see the carved names and reminisce on the good times.
Before long, that faceless soul would come again. Sometimes we don't even talk, we just sit.
It's quite nice, you know, to just sit and reflect. To have a companion that listens to you even when you're not speaking.

I like(d) hiking.

I like taking the longest time ever scaling the not-that-high-up observation point. And when i'm up there, it was nice to sit by the wooden barricade and stare out hard below. Sometimes, I would climb up that offtrail slope, which has probably been explored by a million other people before me. It goes higher than the 'peak' of the trail but the view wasn't much of a difference. What was fun,though, was the falling off it after that because my shoes just wouldn't stay at one spot. You know the adrenaline of tumbling down with only the edge in sight but halting right at the very last minute, just one step before the end. Haha.. puts a smile to my face.. and of course, a skipped beat to my heart.

I like how I had the chance to do stupid things like that.
To watch the stars, to get pissing drunk with the best drinking buddies, to throw popcorns at one another, to talk kok, to sing stupid hokkien songs out loud, to be obsessed with phantom of the opera, to have my own bathing cubicle, to have my own room, to mess up my room.

Even though lotsa people think it's childish and unrealistic, i really liked that. It was the one place where 90% of what i say, what i did and where i went, was controlled by the heart, not by the head. Where my feet decides the next step forward, and not me. Where ever step taken is a surprise.

Very nice.

I like the wild,
I wanna be the wild.

So i know i should move on and stop missing yellowstone and all it's glory.
But i don't want to.
Who then should i listen to this time?
My heart,
or my head?

Whichever the case, I guess refining my resume would be a good start.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Listen, not judge.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Searched the newspaper and the internet for jobs today..

nothing interests me.


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Life always boils down to chosing between these:

Protect yourself by hurting others;
or, protect others by protecting yourself less.

Why do people always not appreciate the 'right' choice?
Or is is only right to be wrong?

Maybe only the selfish can succeed.

Monday, September 07, 2009

o v e r.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Its been nearly a week since i left Yellowstone.. and still, i'm not feeling any much different from when i first left.

I miss everyone so much. Sometimes, no, most of the time, i forget that we've only known each other for about 3 months. maybe even less.

Apart from that, i also yearn the freedom that comes with being alone; being away from everyone back here. Being independent ( ok, not exactly independent but as least i feel that bit more than when i'm home. )

'Expectations' are starting to flood back. It's as if a dam was placed in between me and the society and everyone back in singapore when I was in America, Yellowstone in particular. Now that i'm back, the dam is opened and EVERYTHING, literally everything is gushing over, drowning me in the process. What makes things worse is the fact that this is not the end of it. I don't think it's even nearly at the halfway mark. I'm pretty sure everyone's just waiting for me to return back to normal, to get over this mourning period before they throw more rocks my way.

Why? Why does everyone here think i'm so useless yet expect so much outta me? Or is it because i really am useless, hence i feel like people's expectations of me are so overwhelming? I feel so condemned. And the funny part is I don't even know for what. For not taking any actions to proceed with the next phase of my life? But why can't anyone see that the only reason why i'm holding back, is because i don't wanna be just another pawn in this life?

I want to do what i want. Alright, i may not know exactly what i want now.. but could this be why i'm not certain? Because everytime i have an idea, doubt is planted in me. But can anyone ever be sure of wherever they're going? I know for a fact that i don't wanna stay here.. not now anyway. I need to spread my wings; i need to open my eyes and grow up. Can't you just respect that?

Yes, maybe i enjoyed living abroad so much because it was just a short term thing; yes, maybe i'm gonna lose all contact with them before i know it; yes, maybe if i do stay longer abroad, i would realize that i actually like singapore way better. But so what? You don't know them; you don't know the place; you don't know my dreams. nope, you don't UNDERSTAND my dreams. Besides, what matters is the 'believe'.

If i make a mistake, i will just have to learn how to pick myself up after, won't i? It won't be easy, i know. But it ain't easy now either.

You guys just wanna tie me down, to take the safer route. For some of you, it somehow feels like it's merely because u don't have a chance to do something like that, so you want me to lead that same mundane life. Why not right? It only seems fair.

I know some might be genuinely concerned but sometimes, the existence of 'hope' in itself, can bring people to places they've never dream they could be. By taking that away, by giving a reality check ( that may not exactly happen ), one will always wonder how life would be if the other route is taken.

Let me make that mistake, if it is one. There's not a life where mistakes wont be made. What matters is what happens thereafter. If you really do care, then walk with me and be there for me if it is a mistake. That's what i would do, or at least i think i would do, if i have a friend or family who's in the same dilema.

What am i saying?

Saturday, September 05, 2009

The world is so heavy.
Just wanna disappear.

Down once more to the dungeon of my black despair!
Down we plunge to the prison of my mind!
Down that path into darkness deep as hell!
Always thought i haven't been putting enough effort or committment;
but maybe, it takes both hands to clap.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

29th August 2009:

Woke up to another pleasant surprise of having the lights turned off by another nightime angel. No idea who though. haha..

Well, from the very moment i opened my eyes, i knew it was the day to bid farewell to a majority of the people here; to say goodbye to the place itself.

So everything was more or less a rush. I wasn't even done packing yet ( see, procrastinator. ) so i threw some of the remaining stuff into my luggage, gave whatever can be salvaged to the girls and got Karolina to accompany me around to pass some of the nicer people some stuff and well, say bye bye to the place.

Well the goodbyes must have lasted far too long because by the time i was done, EVERYONE ( Kelsey, Karolina, Agata, Matej and Joe ) were waiting for me by the car for quite a huge deal of time. And when it's eventually done done, it was time for lunch. So we had an unplanned last lunch at the EDR. Definitely awesome food, btw. ( omg, i miss celia. )

We left for Bozeman immediately after lunch. i can't say how grateful i am for them accompanying me all the way to Bozeman. Catching a ride with Al will definitely be too tough.

The ride was pretty funny.. as in.. his truck is really not that big. And my luggages are not that small either. So, agata, matej and joe sat in the front while karolina, kelsey and myself squeezed at the back of the truck. Well, it wasn't considered squeezy for me, thanks to my short legs, but for karolina and the freakishly tall Kelsey, wahaha.. they were squirming around for quite abit before Karolina managed to fall asleep.

We checked into 'Imperial Inn', a shabby on the outside, pretty in the inside motel. 6 ppl in 1 room with 2 queen size beds, a huge cupboard ( which we never used ), tv, microwave over and a fridge and all for just $73. Not a bad deal at all. Most importantly, it's near a pub. whaha..

Went to a park for a picnic in the afternoon. A real western/american/ang moh style picnic. Exactly what i wanted to experience at least once before i leave. Unlike in Singapore, the grass was GREEN.. like healthy, every corner covered with grass green. B-E-A-UTIFUL. Absolutely breath-taking. It was nice. And the company was the perfect group as well.

Just perfect.

We walked around abit thereafter - dropped by wal-mart, bought food and drinks and headed back to the room. After that, we left the room again. haha.. this time in search for a pub.

When we returned, the real party began.

Sigh, tough night.

Great times, great times. And guess what,
it's the company that matters..
The power of music.

Since no one was home this morning, i decided that it was the best opportunity for me to play the piano without having to disgrace myself in front of the entire clan. And whilst playing the very little songs i know, i found myself suddenly feeling much calmer and rational.

So, enough with all the grumbling, the unhappiness and the anger ( at least for now ), it's time to record what happened the past few days..

28th Aug 2009:

My last official day at Yellowstone.

I kinda behaved like a VERY irresponsible employee that day. Didn't do any dishes, kept running over to disturb anyone who was in the store and just pretended to be the cook by making spring rolls. But then again, Becky ( head chef and kitchen manager; very nice lady but always accidentally neglects the 'foreigners'. however, she always lends us her car so.. nobody's perfect. ) somewhat gave me the permission didn't she? " help me make the beef and brocolli today; go find the recipe to make spring rolls will you? ; alright, you'ld be helping me make the spring rolls today. " haha, i didn't even help Larry ( the grinch - a VERY irritating, always angry, always complaining and a very horny old man; used to think he was a cool, fatherly figure until i have no idea what changed him. ) much for breakfast. Didn't keep the clean dishes much. Perhaps the only thing i did was keep the butter, the other things that needed to be kept and sanitized the table.

After work, I loitered around the store for a while more before heading back to the room to attempt packing up. Apparantly, my efforts failed. Haha.. Firstly, i had other tasks that were more urgent and secondly, ratatouille (however it's spelt) was a HUGE distraction.

After dinner, we went to help Kelsey get her HUGE load of christmas presents before heading back to our individual rooms for some alone time. I tried packing again. But was only able to get as far as clearing about 5 strips of paper from the floor. Haha.. i know, i have a major procrastination problem.

I think the initial plan was to spend one last night at the pub. And we know at least Joe was way excited about it. But i think because of my v.e.r.y s.l.o.w packing, the girls decided to be nice and say that THEY didn't wanna go to the pub instead. Think Joe got pretty upset but the girls were kinda authoratative with him. and everyone knows the only reason was because i had been lazy and the room was a mess. Good friends, this bunch.

Also, it was Hermana Mayor's ( Mara ) last day as well. She invited Yumi, Sigrid and myself to the lower store to have a last dinner together. I didn't go though.. probably because i preferred the EDR food.

wahaha.. that's complete bullshit, btw. Actually, if my memory serves me right, it was a pretty good dinner that night - even though i can't remember what exactly we ate.

Anyway, Hermana Mayor came back after dinner for a visit. So the 3 girls, matej, joe and mara were all in the room and..woah it was a sight. Throughout the conversations, it was like.. happiness and sadness all jumbled together and i didn't really know which role to assume. But there were a couple of times..

It was really hard when hermana mayor left. At her car, we just.. i dono.. were lost for words? The fact that it's probably the last time we were going to see each other was just overpowering. I never expected us to be so close. Shes been around even before i came and she was like the only young girl around for at least 2 weeks before any other girls showed up and we never spoke. In fact, it was Kate ( Kelsey's not so erm, mature roomate. ) who introduced us and she was WAY into 'flirting' with Mark ( ex kitchen manager ) then so, you know, impression.. HALVED!

But miraculously, we clicked and well, i earned myself a big sister. :D

Went into the Taiwanese girl's room halfway through the night to pass them stuff, accidentally started giving some kinda speech ( IN CHINESE! can you imagine! ) and they took turns to say stuff back and evelyn started to take a step forward. omg.

And finally, the 3 girls were all motherly and started making my bed, said their goodnights and..

lets just say thank god celia was around then and she brought me to the other taiwanese girls and we went around. :)

ok, really long post about the 28th of august.

Very nice.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I hate the night.
I hate how the darkness overwhelms one's soul.
and i guess tonight's the night when reality strikes.

Theoretically, this should be a good night to zzz.
its been 2 nights since i last felt a bed..
2 nights since i last laid down and after sending a couple of emails, my eyes were heavy.

i was so prepared to zzz, until it crept up to me ever so silently, ever so quickly.

i forgot it was also my first night back in sgp.
my first night having no one to turn to.
first night i have to play cool in front of everyone after such a long time.
first night without dad around.

it suddenly occurred to me that i'm gone for good.
that this is the end of that life.
and it's back to THIS life.

Why cant ppl around me just understand all of this?
all that most ask are explanations.
"where have you been?"
"stop your disappearing act!"
maybe this is exactly why i was gone.

i really should be man enough and swallow all of these down.
But for some reason, tonight's real hard for me to pretend.
maybe i just don't wanna pretend anymore.

i've ran away for so long.
how long more can i run?
but this is not what i want - that much i'm sure of.
so what is my next course of action?

i just cant describe this fear.

<\em> Night-time sharpens,
heightens each sensation . . .
Darkness stirs and
wakes imagination . . .
Silently the senses
abandon their defences . . . <\em>