Friday, July 31, 2009

Been looking at convo pictures of friends back in Singapore. It seems almost weird that everyone has graduated and all grown up and somehow, it also seems unbelievable that i'm now another one of those graduated souls, forced to one day join the corporate world of climbing that ladder of success.

Saw esther's graduation photos. Its almost as if she hasn't been to America at all and somehow, it just feels really weird. Tried imagining myself in those gowns, taking pictures with what little NBS friends i have. Couldn't imagine it.

Coming back to Yellowstone, staying on in America looks like it's a major move and decision on my part. Sometimes i feel like people back in Singapore think i'm crazy to choose this path - unrealistic; dreamland; escapist- these are just some words that have been thrown my direction. Well yea, i AM crazy. But, though it sounds crazy, it feels right. So right.

I've said it once and i've said it twice and now, i'm going to say it again..

So far, choosing to come back here has been one of the choices i've made that have left me with no regrets.

I need you guys to let go so i can let go.

The bridge is crossed;
so stand and watch it burn.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Despite the various instances that happened in the Kitchen, I am still really glad that i decided to stay.

No doubt, some people have changed. Some have become more playful, some weird-er, some better and some just more appreciative. But change is ultimately inevitable. I love it here in Yellowstone, and in some ways, i hope they are as glad as me.