Monday, September 29, 2008

You know i,
can't smiilllllleeeee without youuuuuuu. :)


Saturday, September 27, 2008


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh no! Am i the only person that thinks that mama mia! wasn't thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat fantastic?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Summer kisses, Winter tears
That was what she gave to me
Never thought that I'd travel all alone
The trail of memories

OCIP's 08 has ended.

I dono how to describe how i feel. It's a cocktail of emotions.

On one hand, i really love this team. And if i search my conscience, i know it's clear because whatever decisions i've made, whether right or wrong, I did it for the well-being of the team. And i can say that out proud.

But i know as time passed, especially while preparing for the final visit to the home today, i felt really tired. I felt like everyone was beginning to have this expectation of me meeting their needs and i want to meet them all but i can't. And it was beginning to drain me a little.

But while i start listening to "summer kisses winter tears" - a song sang by a very friendly resident of the home today, I start realizing how much i miss the team.

The team's a good team.
They kept their promises.
They were always around.
I really can never ask for a better team. And i hope that everyone will stay as close as they are even after the end of ocip'08.

Dear teammates, thank you very much. Thank you very much for being those responsible people you are.

Ok, so today's trip to the old folks' home was quite.. a flop. haha.. The hall was so big! The folks were less responsive than those at china and most importantly, that had a damn cool karaoke set. So, most of the team ended up having a 'kbox session' there instead. But, that's what's so cool. Even though we did not meet our target of interacting purely with the folks, 1-2 of them actually started using the mix and singing impromptu duets! And that's where " summer kisses winter tears " comes in. They were damn cool.

But because i'm not a huge fan of singing in a mic, i had the opportunity to see some of the old folks eating etc. And when you really stand there and observe them, you'll start realizing how much these old folks have gone through only to end up like that. What could they be thinking when they were eating? are they feeling sad?

One woman loved to shake hands. She was one of the friendliest folk there despite not being able to talk to anyone of us. (think she lost her ability to speak.) But one of the regulars there was telling me about how her eyes sparkled if you look into them. So when i was there to shake her hand, for the 5th - 6th time after, i looked into her eyes, and realized that they really did carry a certain kind of emotion that we can never understand..

And it brought me to my grandma.

Does she know how lucky she is?
Why does she still have to make life so difficult for everyone? Could that be... her defence machanism?


The fire of love, the fire of love
Can burn from afar
And nothing can light the dark of the night
Like a falling star

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blessed is he who is able to sleep without having to set any alarms.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dear Mother,

I don't like it when you use every conversation we have to praise your sons.
I don't like it when i try to share with you my experiences and you bring up their names.
I don't like it when you try to bring them and the rest of this screwed family into the badminton games I have with ks, xie and sometimes you.
I don't like it when you say yes to them for everything they demand while I have to be placed on hold.
I don't like it when HE can bum around the house while you and I pick up his mess and still here you say, " he's a good boy. "
I don't like it when you tell me there's beef in kitchen and i have to eat it in the sly because grandmother will scold whereas you bring it out in the open when HE comes down to eat 5 mins later.
I don't like it when you're unappreciative of my efforts to reduce your stress and heartaches from grandmother and your sons.
I don't like it when you promise me something and break it while giving them what you promised me just because "they are guys".
I don't like it when you wanted to hang up the phone on me when i asked for the car last night while you readily said yes to HIM when he asked for the car for the SAME night.
I don't like that you treat them like kings and me their servants.
I don't like it when relatives he refused to greet just because " he said hi to them yesterday " come over and say bye to him with such glee in their eyes and never gave me a glance even though i was seating right in front of him.
I don't like it even more when they reach the door and suddenly remember that i was there and quickly turn over to say "yvonne bye"
I don't like that you're starting to behave like grandmother.

Dear Mother,

when will you ever open your eyes?

Love your one and only daughter,

sidenote: fat, i dono why i always say i want to come home when this is what i always get.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Have you heard the story of the prodigal son?

My mum's a huge fan of it.

Hell, she even practices it!

Friday, September 05, 2008


It's amazing how quickly you read my blog coz..

it's been 5 years yet ever so often, we find her name being brought up in our gatherings. We could be laughing at some of her silly antics, sighing over some of the possibilities, crinching at every thought of what she went through when it happened. Whatever it is, we can't stop thinking about her.

How she left was a waste and i guess even though the tears have subsided, deep in our hearts, we're still mourning. I don't think we even want to stop. We need this to remember her by and to remind ourselves that she could be there with us.

I wonder where you'll be now if you were still around.

It's really a very frustrating feeling, not knowing where to find you. We hate to entertain the thought of not being able to pay respects to you again. But there's nothing we can do except to hope that someday, your mama will open up to someone we know.

"niJ niJ naT", we miss you. We really do. We've all grown up in some ways or another.. have you grown up too?

I bet everyone's thinking about you today too..

Time-travel. =))

Sidenote: Much congrats to Mei Hui and Chee Wei for their success in running for the 15th JCRC.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Yet another one down.

Why do all the nice people get 'rewarded' with this?

Cancer is such a scary thing.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I have weird friends.

When my room was messy, they used to say,
" Wah.. Yvonne. You don't study ah? Your room so messy, how to study? "

Now that my room's been neat, they say,
" Wah.. Yvonne. You don't study ah? Table so neat. Study what? See Jasmine's table so messy, like that then got study. "