Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Impromptu banner painting, many mini EC mtgs, half tutorial doing, accting quiz studying, embarassing ourselves at blk 49. And all without falling aslp.

Finally a fruitful night.

Possible accting quiz tml. Wish me luck.

sidenote: Free lovebites publicity @ . Thank you ah bert! Told you she loves me.

Brrr. Go away you cold cold La Nina.
It's getting hard to be around you,
there's so much I can't say.
Do you want me to hide the feelings,
and look the other way?

And I don't know how to be fine when i'm not.
Coz' I don't know how to make a feeling stop.

Just so you know,
this feeling's taking control of me.
And i can't help it.
I won't sit around, I can't let him win now.
Thought you should know,
I've tried my best to let go of you.
But I don't want to.
I just gotta say it all before i go,
just so you know.

Monday, January 29, 2007

It's 5am.
I just spent 3 concrete hrs doing IT.
I have yet to pack my bag.
I have to leave house at 630am to send alvin and myself to school.

Mother is gonna kill me if she reads this.
i'm losing control.
They say it's best to watch soccer live.
Since i don't have the good fortune to catch either the world cup or EPL live, i shall settle for the next best alternative - the ASEAN FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP.

Apart from MJ's soccer matches, this was the first time i watched a live match, one of the rare times i'm spending hours only with my 2 brothers and if i'm not wrong, the first time the tickets were sold out.

The match wasn't good. I thought malaysia was clearly a better team. The lions were lertagic and rather skill-less. They kicked the ball as soon as it touches their feet and they have problem receiving balls meant for them. Of course, there were a couple of great dribbles but that's kinda expected since they're the national team.

Singaporeans are really hostile and childish at times. They boo-ed whenever the malaysians had possession of the ball and cheered whenever the lions were the one in contro. Whatever happened to fair play and sportmanship? The crowd was so rowdy that by the end of the match, policemen had surrounded the malaysians in an attempt to prevent any fights from happening, i suppose.

anyw, they played till overtime where singapore was tied with malaysia at 1-1 and the lions eventually won in a 5-4 penalty shoot out.

so... singapore to enter world cup in 2010?
well, always aim for the sky, they say. so if we fail, we'll land on the stars.

went to study with hush today.
She has a serious problem. Whenever i'm with her, i'ld either find myself surrounded by banglahs or trying to get rid of ah peks who tries to engage in small talks with her. OR BOTH.

sidenote: i love cocoa trees's chocolates.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The cheerleaders were good.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

FoR xIe WhO SeLFiShLy TuRnEd OfF tHe CoMmEnTs BoArD foR HeR lAsT eNtRy:

wOw. 19 yRs oLd. I bEt sHe'Ll Be As TaLL aS mE bUt ApArT fRm ThAt, I'm SuRe DeSpItE tHe YeArS, sHe'S sTiLl As BeAuTiFuL, sTiLl As BuBbLy AnD mOsT iMpOrTaNtLy StiLL MeLtS yOuR hEaRt.

I wOnDeR hOw She MaNaGeD tO bLoG LiKe ThIs. It'S so TiMe cOnSuMiNg aNd It LoOkS UgLy!

u've grown, xie.
I remember how obstinate u were then. Well, as a matter of fact, still is. haha.. but u're MUCH more than that now. Nicole to you, jin to me, is proud. i'm sure.

and you're right.. she has always been ard.

To the forever young jin! =)
The cheerleaders are gonna compete tml night against the other halls. All their back sprains, blue blacks, sored muscles, kicked heads, crooked chin, late nights and many many sacrifices will come to an end after tml.

I think it's gonna be a huge event.

so before i zzz, Here's a big BEST OF LUCK to all hall x's cheerleaders. Particularly, jill, jas and karen.

aza aza fighting!
sometimes, it's better not to hope.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Man U lost to arsenal. Major shocker. although i predicted the score right. Arsenal 2, Man U 1. Told u i'm jinxed.

Everytime i tell the world i wanna go swim, it ends up raining. So today, i tried something different. I didn't tell a single soul about my intention to swim. Only when mother came back did i grab my stuffs and her car keys in record time and sped all the way to estella gardens. Dropped by downtown east first, of course. Wanted to collect the vouchers for lovebites. That bloody haslinda fella was so hard to get! But she can't be blamed. I forgot that it's a 5 days work week now. dammit.

ANYW, it didn't rain. hahaha. what was amazing was, when i yelled out to mother that i was going for a swim, dark clouds appeared almost immediately. no kidding! i have my mum to vouche for me. Told you i'm jinxed.


The cheerleaders were amazing today. Though there was a not-so-tiny accident, they finished it off pretty well. I salute them for their efforts.

And i'm still completely in love with nike considered low 4. Define beauty.

off to bath now. goodnight all.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

nike considered low 4.

Some says it's ah pek-ish.
I call it style.

kl hates the holes at the side. She says it looks 'mor peng'. haha... but hey, nothing's perfect in this world right? muahaha.

Man U VS Arsenal tml.
Cheerleading's full-dressed rehearsal tml.


When the dog bites!
when the bee stings!
when I'm feeling sad..
I simply remember my favorite things,
and then I don't feel, so bad!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Took my final ride with steven's baby last night. He's gonna sell his bike today and get a car instead. rich bloke.

Both of us are so gonna miss it.

We went to lim chu kang coast guard and sat above the waters for close to 2 hrs. Did the talk clear our minds last night? Maybe yes, maybe no. But whatever it did, it's effects became highly negative today. I'm so sick of this.

Double standards, misunderstandings.
It occurs all the time.
No matter how a person tries to change.
No matter how a person tries to avoid such things from happening.
It happens.
Double crossers? A spring board? A step up platform?
That's what it is. That's what it's called.
The bad guys wins all the time don't they?

Gifts are curses in disguise i suppose.

ah, such beautiful masks.
Such stupidity.

Why am i becoming a man i hate?

sidenote: plenty of thanks to huitann for the help of sourcing vendors. :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I remember how much i hated cathechism. ( some church sch. )
The people were so unfriendly and loved acting cool, for guys, or bimbo, for girls.

There were only 2 reasons why i went:

1) mother wanted soooooooooooo much for me to go.
2) audrey and samantha were pretty. (wahahaha. )

But that was only 1 hr/week.

THIS is 13 hrs/week!

And I don't know how to be fine when I'm not.
'Cause I don't know how to make a feeling stop!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Xie's grandpa passed on.
Huitann, ks and i just came back frm the wake.
Life is so unpredictable. Who knows when our last breath would be? That's why, as the old saying goes, we should always live life like it's the last day on earth.

oh, but what courage that must take.

xie's ok i guess. She was still joking and laughing ard with us. hopefully it wasn't just a front.

seeing how we were sitted tog at an atmosphere like that, i couldn't help but re-live the days 5 yrs ago. They were there then, and now, we're all gathered back together for a similar purpose. Of course, things aren't exactly the same. For one, huitann and i can take turns to be the chauffer now. ks will soon be able to join the club. dear xie, PLS BUCK UP!

I almost knocked someone down today. For reasons which has totally nothing to do with me. I have witnesses! i was obeying traffic rules. That bangla/indian/malay just dashed straight into my path all of a sudden.

Huitann's screams were scary. Her abusive curses thereafter were scarier. hahaha..

someone pls remind me that school term has started and i have to start doing tuts.

sidenote: cheer up, xie. he's in a better place now.
Flames to dust,
lovers to friends.
Why do all good things come to an end?

Garang guni! calling old newspapers!
So yesterday was lovebite's 2nd canvassing event.
Singaporeans are not as bad as they seem. Some of em actually do do their parts for charity as well. And that's a good sigh. hah.
We managed to get ALOT of old, unwanted stuffs.. hopefully the money brought in isn't disappointing .

This is embarrassing - I'm having muscle aches now. hahaha..
i had fun. =)

Well the dogs were whistling a new tune,
Barking at the new moon.
Hoping it would come soon so that they could..

Thursday, January 11, 2007

watching step up for the thousandth time and i'm still not sick of it.
Thanks for the vid, jill!

That's what i was trying to doAlign Left

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This was exactly the reason why i didn't wanna make new friends.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

it's like primary 1 all over again.

only this time, no mummy.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Charity = giving money.
Running a successful charity event = bringing in lots and lots of money.

Practical world.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

What hurts the most.
I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house,
That don't bother me.
I can take a few tears now and then and just let them out,
I'm not afraid to cry, every once, in a while.
Even though, going on, with you gone,
There are days, every now, and again, I pretend, I'm ok,
But that's

What hurts the most,
Was being so close.
And having so much to say,
and watching you walk away.
And never knowing,
What could have been,
And not seeing that loving you,
Is what I was tryin' to do.

It's hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go,
But I'm doin' It.
It's hard to force that smile when I see our old friends and I'm alone,
Still Harder, Getting up, getting dressed, livin' with this regret.
But I know if I could do it over,
I would trade, give away, all the words that I saved, in my heart,
i badly need another swim.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I cant zzz. so i'm gonna be real guniang and do some reflections.

i'm glad that i spent this holiday catching up with gvsj, gvsc, the canoeists, 4e1'03 and 04s307.

Just the other day, on new years' eve, I counted down with the jnr canoeists - michelle and company's batch, @ Laiguang's place right after the MAD sjab retreat which had mtgs that lasted for almost the entire 3 days stay. no kidding!

It started with pot luck. I didn't even know i had to bring food! but i was really glad to see em all. Being the only snr before Andy showed up, i felt a lil uncomfortable initially.. but that was uncalled for coz once everyone started playing their 'asshole daidee', 'jenga' and 'x-box', all hell broke lose.

After the count down, about 5 of us spent appx more than an hr on the swing outside chit-chatting. Shimin and i started kicking balls before i mentioned that i wanted to get something from 7-11. to my surprise, everyonelse there said they'ld accompany me.

so the 6 of us - jia yi, yayun, shimin, raymond, zhe hou and i - went to ESSOmobil. michelle was too busy with her prom king. wahaha.. raymond smartly suggested walking to bedok jetty thereafter and we did.

It was fun talking about our generation's trend during our primary school days. u'ld be surprise that despite being only a yr older than them, we've had certain different trends in our own batches.

thinking back, i don't think i ever spent so much time talking to all of em before. Except for zhe hou who was half-aslp or far away from me during the journey, i got to talk to everyone who went. Shimin's right. it'll be hard for me to meet em anytime soon since the boys are going to become man.

I like their batch. The people there are nice and i admire their ability to remain as such a strong team even till now. Although i contribute no part to their unity, let me just be happy for once and say, i'm proud of em.

all in all, i was happy to spend nye with em even though i was a zombie the next day.. which was 04s307's gathering. wow. did i really make it through so many activities?

We went for dinner and i'm sorry jasper and shannon for inviting u all so last minute-ly. It was supposed to be a girls thing la. After dinner, we aimed to catch a movie but decided against after that and headed for bens & jerry's instead.

i didn't like the ice-cream.
And everyonelse did. what's wrong with my tastebuds? But i'm serious. The lime-mango flavour did taste like bodyshop. don't believe me? try it.

strawberry ice-creams at mamashops are still the best - cheap and good.

Today, i spent time with a 'pure-chinese' friend who was stalked by an old uncle and was labelled " french-chinese-who-will-make-a-million-bucks-in-10-yrs. " I had better keep this friend then, won't wanna lose out the fun when she turns rich. haha.. i'm a practical person, you know?

i know i've been talking alot recently but let me babber on for another 5 more days before school bloody starts and i have my nose stuck on books again.

Damn it, school starts in 5 days.

Mother brought Figo, the silky terrier, from my uncle's place over coz he just can't cope with the crazy combination of 2 dogs and a kitten and only figo can get along with fender.

I like it when i lie on the floor, shout for figo to come and thereafter having him lie beside me quietly to pat. I like it even more when Fender sees this and purposely meow sexily as she strolls pass me time and again to get my attn. wahaha..

Looks like animals gets jealous too.

Now, i'm having trouble keeping him away from her food and her away from his food.

Isn't there something more universal?

On a separate issue, i had a great time today. thanks for the jasmine tea, gifts and HONOURING my day. hahaha... Merry 10th day Christmas to you too! :)

i guess it's time i run,
far, far away;
Find comfort in pain.
All pleasure's the same:
it just keeps me from trouble.
It's more than just words: it's just tears and rain.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

As long as i know what i'm doing. As long as i know my conscience's clear. I shan't be bothered with what others think.

come sppt us.
cant A and cant B.


Monday, January 01, 2007

In a couple of hours time, i'm gonna hit the yr that makes me 20.

gosh..i'm so old now.

i'm still suffering frm lack of zzz from sjab retreat so i'll try getting my point across in the most lor soh way here.

2006 hasn't exactly been my best yr. Trouble came knocking on my door one after another. Some experiences were so 'amazing', i think i can actually make a movie outta it.

But it isn't THAT bad either..coz i think i made the most friends in 2006. Unfortuately, Some friends ran away when problems starting piling. Some disappeared. but those are just a minority. I found many more. Some helped me through the various difficult times. Some saw most of my unglam sides. Some changed my perspectives of things. Some will no matter what, see that the world is good. I also found and hopefully, kept a friend which stood by me through ALL my shit. ( i'm not gonna say ur name lest ur head swells again. haha.. )

Apart from the friends i made, i had more freedom from home this yr. i've never been to so many camps in a yr before, despite gvsc being notorious for the amt of camps they have. I got to night cycle THREE times, i had the chance to spend almost 2-3 full days out at sea alone in my canoe, i get to see how the '05 batch of canoeist grow and excel, i get to see many many netball matches, i get to know more about the teaching experience in gvss. And so many more!

Sad to say, i've become selfish in 2006 too. I've been so absorbed in settling my own rubbish that i wasn't there for many. I haven't been sensitive to the feelings of others or to make sure that i was there when they needed me.

Thank you all who made an impact, regardless big or small, in my life. i'll try to be more ard in time to come. =)

In 2007, i hope i change.
That i become less selfish.
That i abort N.A.T.O.
That i mean what i say, say what i mean.
That i dare to be different.
That i frisk less.

In 2007, i want to grow.
At the same time, i want to take a step back, I want to take a slow walk and smell the roses.

2007 will be better.

A'right all, gonna meet the '05 canoeists alrdy..

Happy new yr! :)