Friday, July 04, 2008

This has been what i've always wanted to do.
My dream, as some would say.
This could very well be one of the few things i've done which i never gave up on half way through.
Because, this is really what i wanna do.

This has been THE thing that i've spoke to sandy, 3sa, sj, selinalim since sec school days. This is THE opportunity that sandy knows that i've been waiting so desperately for.

But as the trip looms,
I'm starting to experience something different.

Is that fear? Worry?
Why does it seem so negative?

Are we all evading the whole purpose of the trip?
That what matters most is the people we're helping benefits from our service and we ourselves pick up learning values from it?
Are regulations, corporations and ranks driving us all crazy?

Jasmine says that the top 4 have changed. That everyone's so power driven now. That everyone's thriving more for recognition.
Sigh..maybe she's right; maybe it's true.

Don't you think that puts us to shame?

When people like Esther, like MH, like Hiang En have been telling me how excited they are for the trip. When ppl like jon changed their nick to msgs for ocipans. When ppl like mf sends me e-cards to edge me on.

I can feel and i'm touched and glad for their sincerety. But on the other hand, are WE sincere? Is authority diluting this most basic value in us? If that's the case, i don't want this power.

I just want to be sincere.

Thursday, July 03, 2008





What will mr tim tan do if he was here right now?
He'd make a plan and he'd follow through.
that's what mr tim tan'd do!
It has finally come down to the last 2 days of this internship stint. And i have to say... i kinda..really... hate it here.

haha..i guess this will be the first time i'm actually not going to miss a place i'm leaving. Worry not, i'll still bid my farewells to my desk, the toilet, this laptop.. but on the whole, i'm more than excited to leave Bole.

Now that my work's ending, i really am clueless why the company still wants me to come back to work EVERYDAY when i practically have nothing to do from 845am to 6pm. I'm like online the entire day, checking liv tyler out. It's best when no one's in the office because i can use the opportunity to watch some movies online. ( by defn, some movies actually means watching the hulk 6-7 times. haha.. )

So, the trip's in a couple of days and the top few of us already had some problems here and there. I wouldn't say it's exactly bad coz at least, we can ( i hope ) get some things sorted out before we head off for a foreign land. I really hope the trip's gonna be a fruitful one to the team as well as myself. I guess the whole preparation stage for the trip really set me thinking about older days.. days in uniform.

well, more about that next time. I'm too lazy to talk right now.


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It really makes no sense.

You guys really make no sense.

Sometimes, i wish i could just...


Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Thank god for the 12 hour time lag between New York and Singapore.. now i'm able to accompany one in Singapore first before flying over to New York to satisfy the other.


Rnj!! =))