Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pachelbel Rant

Reasons why we should hate Pachelbel's cannon in d.


To all bloggers out there, don't stop blogging. Coz once you stop, it's hard to pick it up again.

Thanks for all the tags..even though it had NOTHING to do with my posts..haha..but i'm glad that a potential class gathering is about to happen. yasa..hint hint.

The third week of school had zoomed pass again. Before we know it, we'll be hit with the great exam stress once again. Last week, when tutorials first started, the tutor from one of my classes asked everyone of us to self introduce, say what we're specialising in and talk about our future.. our ideal end in mind. I had about 2 rows of people before my turn yet when the spotlight was on me, i still could not give an answer convincing enough for myself, let alone other strangers.

What am i doing here?

After one entire year of education, i've finally realised that.. Business is so not my calling. This is not the path i wanna take, not the future i see myself in. I don't wanna be stuck in such a rigid, fake impression giving environment. It's too restricting.

Everyone in my class had dreams. Dreams of where they wanna go, what they wanna do. Although their dreams sounded quite the same, they were still dreams nonetheless. Of course, some of their dreams sounded rather impractical but what mattered was that they were willing to say it in front of a room of strangers. That's the first step.

Where's my first step?

I miss Australia. Melbourne especially. It's tranquility and all. How everyone there carried smiles on their faces and do not think twice about giving a helping hand. The problem with singapore is, everyone's too afraid to trust strangers. I'm a guilty party myself.

Was at Jurong East earlier today, queueing to withdraw some money. When my turn came, we realised that it was out of cash and there was a long queue behind us. Remembering that something like this happened in australia once and the people there were kind enough to let the rest of the queue know, we decided to let OUR queue know. So we approached this girl two person behind and went, " excuse me, this machine has no more money. "

Instead of thanking us, this girl totally took us as invisible, ignored us and continued queueing. That stupid ugly girl! So bloody rude!

seee, now u know why i miss australia. OK, it's far from utopia. But still, i can dream, can't i? =)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Hall FOC is over. I must admit i was quite slack during the whole camp. Sorry guys...esp chun how. Must've given u quite a no of probs. Thanks for being so understanding the whole time. =)

Tomorrow is going to be the first day of sch. I feel like a primary school kid all over again. The feeling of dreaded-ness overwhelms me. I hate school i hate school i hate school. It's undoubtedly so. As each sem passes, this sense of fear and hatred seems to not only not subside, but build up so uncontrollably, i feel like giving up on it. But alas, i'm too hum to do so. For i live in singapore... how else do we survive but study, study and study? Everytime my mother asks me to give up on my studies, I would burst out laughing - seriously, who will expect their mother to suggest this? But there are times where i would consider the possibility of doing so. Will it be better?

Guess what?! I finally got to cut my ugly hair! I didn't go to hot mama to cut coz it was too far away from school and I got a new hairstyle. More modern. I have mixed feelings though. I don't know if i can carry off this new hairstyle well coz it is quite different from hot mama's conventional cut. I asked the stylist to cut my sideburns shorter but he die die don't want. I think its a ploy. He wants to make me go back and cut my hair every week. Come on people, give me some comments! :)

I want the sony ericsson K810i badly.... anyone want to sponsor me?!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tears and rain.

Everynight it happens.
Everyday it happens.

I'm so tired.
Really very tired.

And i can't get it out.

I see it.
It worked.
You can be happy now.
I'm there-
All you wanted me to be;
All you wanted me to feel.

Be happy.

For i'm no fighter.
Not without my 'oxygen'.

So scared,
so scared.
It's a scared scared situation.