Tuesday, May 29, 2007

no longer..


Monday, May 28, 2007

Friends are friends forever.

Friends come and go in our life. Many a-time, we take those around us for granted. As new ones come, old ones gets forgotten. But have you ever had moments in your hectic life where flashes of the past appears? Where you suddenly think of a moment of struggle, be it big or small, and you saw a particular person's face appearing. It may be someone close to you now, once close to you or even a stranger but strangely enough, at that moment, these were the saviours.

I had the good fortune to meet up many of these kahkees recently. Some of which we've been constantly in contact with, some of which we used to mingle ard but was drawn apart as we move on in life. Hell, I have never even spoken to some of them before. But as we gather together and recollect the good ol' days, we found ourselves constantly shaking our heads at how naive we used to be. Belonging to two separate parties then, these differences merge the most impossible combinitions of people together and stories from both ends were said with no mallice intended.

Sometimes, we talk about occassions in life that we have actually forgotten. But once mentioned, the spark blew and you remember how it was then. These recalled memories may be small incidents that mattered nothing to you at that point of time, but as you think back, you're grateful for that person. Even if it was just a single pat.

Such are the wonders of life.

So this is a tribute..
a tribute to all these people in my life.

Take life as a box of sand. If you have left your prints in mine, both deep or gentle, this is for you. If you have taken a shovel to smoothen out some irregularities, this is for you. If in the rain, some bits of sand got stuck together and you helped disperse them to pieces once more, this is for you. This is for all of you who laughed with me, who cried with me, who got dirty with me, who stayed clean with me. This is for all of you who believed in me, who placed their trust in me, who felt happy when i'm happy, who worried for me, who stuck with me through everything.

As i proceeded on from presch --> kindergarden --> pri --> sec --> jc --> uni, many ppl have came and left my life. Some stayed, some didn't. But nevertheless, all mattered. If you read this and you smiled INSIDE, you are one of them.

To those i often tell, to those i seldom tell, to those i always meet, to those i never/seldom meet..


Sunday, May 27, 2007

If i got down on my knees and i pleaded with you,
If i crossed a million oceans just to be with you,
Would you ever let me down?

If i climbed the highest mountain just to hold you tight,
If i said that i would love you every single night,
Would you ever let me down?

Well i'm sorry if it sounds kinda sad,
it's just that..

So worried, that you'll let me down.
no longer!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A pirates' life for me.

After spending 3 consecutive days scouting for jobs BUT to no avail, we were beginning to feel discouraged and dejected. It is so hard to find jobs in singapore i tell you.. they have too many ppl to pick from and 2 person looking for a 3 month vacation job will always be the last in priority. So..in an attempt to cheer ourselves up, we dragged our stubborn, heavy legs to cineleisure to see if they were still airing ' 200 pounds beauty. '

We got more than we asked for..

Thousands and thousands of slots of POTC 3 with NO QUEUE and perfect seats! To hell with job-hunting.. Keira Knightley, here i come! The show was toooo long and not as nice as expected.. Maybe i have to watch it more than once. But who's to complain? I got to see my beautiful lady for 3 concrete hours!

Apart from the draggy-ness, the show was still a hit. Johnny Depp never failed to make the movie one of the rare few that made me laugh out loud in cinemas. I love his speak-a-thousand-words eyes. They truly display the primary expressions of xi, nu, ai and le. Barbossa ( if that's how it's spelt ) was good too. Needless to say, Keira Knightley still turns me on. Orlando Bloom was a disappointment. He never seemed to change from the first episode till date. I think i still prefer him with those elf ears and white straight hair. wahaha..

a'right. I'm beat.
Night all.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Everyoneelse went without me. :(

on a brighter note, POTC 3 is coming out soon! and my keira knightley is looking way prettier than the past. WHO ELSE CAN BE PRETTIER THAN HER?!

watched 'next' last night with 52-ers. It was nice until the ending. stupid stupid ending!

I think both me and my mother are not used to the fact that i'll be staying at home the next 3 months. I can't stand her naggings and she can't stand my mess. And my grandmother! oh bother..she's just like " lao fuo ye " in hzgg. Don't mind me, i'm currently hooked to it again. wahaha..


Thursday, May 03, 2007


All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey. I've been working here, for the past few days. I'ld be safe and warm, if i'm back in singapore. Chiang mai dreaming! - Emily Li.

MJ said it all. Must we say more?

You know how we always talk and talk and talk but get nothing done. I say it's about time we put these words into actions.

Sidenote: xie, you looked disgusting.
sidenote2: tribute to CMT and nanjing video up once i'm less lazy.