Thursday, April 30, 2009

i'm officially an easterner once again.(!)

not sure if i should be excited or not. Think i've been away from home too long.. Everyone seems a little different. Especially mother's expectations from me. Expectations, again.

Anyway, the days after the exams were really crazy. packed up all the way.. for all the wrong reasons. haha. There was 'ping pang yuan' marathon, camping in school till 11pm to print 9 stupid lonely pictures, yellow jello-ing, rebel-ing, shifting and MORE shifting.

Putting 'shifting out' aside, at the top of the list, i have Sims 2. All those times hearing xie talk about upgrading her comp so she can play the latest edition of Sims and catching her character making out, I've finally embarked on my own Sims journey.

But the PSP version seems a lil different from the computer ones. For starters, it felt more like GTA.. not quite the open ended kinda story i was expecting. And then, the story itself. There are like zombies, ghosts, robots, murder cases, monsters and a mind controlling freak in the story. WHAT HAPPENED TO STARTING A FAMILY? OR JUST HAVING STEAMY HOT SEX?! seeesh. hahaha. stilll, it's not that bad. and i have my eyes set on Sims Castaway next. muahaha.

Now that we have Sims all sorted out, I'm starting to spend more time with Linda Chung too. So hot i tell you, SO.HOT. :D

Things are basically at a standstill right now. I'm neither in America nor looking for a job - Basically just waiting for our flight confirmation. Mother's been all angsty about the Swine outbreak ( told you i've bloody jinxed! ) and we kinda dono what to feel towards it. Not going seems bad. But going's a lil worrying as well. It's kinda sad really, seeing how ah bert is already in China and pl and gang are flying to taiwan tomorrow.

dammit, i should be in Wyoming right now!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not officially back home and already problems are emerging.

I really dread what is to come next.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My toothache's so bad,
I've been trying to eat porridge the whole day..
and i couldn't finish them.

And now, the pain is spreading to my nose, my eyes and my head.

You know how your body feels all weak and limpy when you have a fever?
My head's feeling like that now. Only that "Fever" is the upper right teeth/jaw/gum? And the "weak body" is everythingelse above the neck.

Maybe i could finally lose some weight this exam.

1 more day.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Final paper's in 3 days and no one can ever study fininsh for that. So to cut things short:

1) last 2 paper were crazy. IMPOSSIBLE to do.
2) I'm having a dilema:
3) Can't wait for exams to end.
4) But still savouring the moment.
5) I'm going to yellowstone.
6) Doesn't mean my luck has turned any better
7) Everyone of them will start work on the 14th but i start mine on the 15th.
8) Right eye keeps twitching.
9) Gonna miss the freedom that comes with hall
10) Really afraid of what's gonna come when i shift home - naggings, millions of calls/smses after 10pm, more " you're a girl, they are guys! " statements.
11) Linda Chung, I WAIT FOR YOU!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Totally the hard-work-don't-pay sem.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I will devour you in 7 days.

Sunday, April 12, 2009 WHAT!

Days don't matter anymore.
Life is all notes! :(

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Stress galore!

Poink and I have offcially started camping over at macs already and the stress level just keeps surging. So, i'm gonna do what i do every exams - Rant.

We've been studying at macs since Year 1 Sem 2 but only became regulars last sem. And its been morphing into some kinda "home" for us. Most of the staff can recognise us already. Even the kuey chap auntie from kou fu remembers us! and because of that, we earned ourselves free pig ear (?) from her today.. haha.. even though we NEVER really touched it.

Anyway, that's besides the point. The point is, being the last sem and all, I'm really really afraid of dabao-ing (choy!) any subjects, especially since it's my cursed/jinxed/suay sem, and so it gets harder and harder to concentrate.

Sooo, i went to 'take-5' to losen myself up a lil and suddenly, the whole notion of fate or how everything is pre-destined struck me.

I've always been a staunch believer of fate/pre-destin-y? and i loved believing it. But i haven't been thinking much about it lately and all of a sudden, 'fate' feels like such a scary thing. The idea of having no control of your life is really a frightening thought. Does it simply mean that we're like dogs being leashed and dragged around by higher powers? That everything we work so hard for is futile? Because what's going to happen to us is written somewhere out there..

But then again, won't having full control of your life be equally as scary? Because on holy days, i've loved having a god to lay my faith on. What if this god was removed? Won't that be... weird?

So, IF a choice has to be made, would it be to have no control or full control of your own life?

What a weird thought. Wasted my 5 minutes.

Guess all these steamed from the fact that this sem has been one bad news after another. For those who still don't believe, i've got another to add to the collection:

The stupid photography non-examinable elective Poink and i took ( because we thought having no exams is good ) and have spent like MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY nights snapping unsatisfactory photos have been postponing its FINAL lesson ( which was supposed to be last week ) yet again. This time, it's set on the 24th - 2 days after my supposed graduation date BECAUSE its printer is not working and still cannot be fixed!


See, pre-destined/jinx/suay/cursed.

Hopefully these are all blessings in disguise and even if they are, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave me soon.

ok, bad english, non-coherent post done.


I've got my friends, they're always there.
And someone special that i know who really cares.
But late some nights, a voice cries through.
Reminding me there'll never be another you.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Confinement period has begun since wednesday.
But because it's the last sem, everything is worrying - if you understand while revising, you're afraid you'ld forget by exmas.

If you don't understand while revising, that's even worse than the previous case.

What's worst? In the final sem, understanding/not-understanding don matter anymore. Application is wayyy beyond that.


Please hlp me remember, pls hlp me remember, pls hlp me remember.. ohhmmm.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Yesterday, i had the sudden inspiration to blog about how i think i've officially ditched my "suay" sem on tuesday - fyp was over; gms was over; amercia is drawing near and confirmed. What's not to celebrate about?

How i wish i didn't fall aslp before i recorded that down.

Coz it seems like, suayness hasn't left me at all..

We got retrenched.