Monday, October 29, 2007


I dont like to, be alone in the night.
And I don't like to, hear I'm wrong when I'm right.
And I dont like to, have the rain on my shoe.
But I do love you,
but I do love you.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

With Jamie Yeo gone and 'love songs' ending too early,
I'm starting to fall deeply in love with Power 98.

All the best to everyone for the upcoming exams!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Crazy week.

Things to be done:

- comms final presentation
- Reserach Mtd proj
- Consumer Behavior Assignment 3
- Study!
- Research Mtd experiment

Looks little here?
Looks can be deceiving!

NTU is mad. They flood us with so many stupid projects that requires tons of mindless research ( especially Comms ) and they all end a week before the actual exams.


Stupid stupid stupid.

Monday, October 22, 2007


The press are writing tons of reports about it, people are talking about it, blogs are filled with it. The recent saga of repealing/keeping penal 377A has been creating much buzz in Singapore.

I've been aware of the appeal turned repeal of 377A since the appealing days but i didn't bother to check it out or sign it till recently. Of course, the appeal won't work. Common sense tells us that. But i urged my friends to take a look at and sign if they feel for it because of the simple reason of "THE 'SILENT' MAJORITIES".

Who are they?

People who are against the repealling of 377a and who are, like us 'minorities', collecting signatures for a petition to be submitted to the prime minister to urge him to keeping that law.

I am pissed. Not because they are at opposite mentalities as us..but because of their name.This whole saga is turning into such a joke! The war between the repellers and the keepers are so not necessary:

1) We had nothing against them. Neither aiming them nor targetting them. This whole appeal was started by someone who had nothing better to do than to see a seldom practiced law removed. Yet, they take it so personally.

2) All the labels weren't necessary. You're against removing the law? fine. sign ur petition. but keep the labels to yourself. Many of them don't make sense at all.

3) Not only gays sign the petition. Straight people who feels the same sentiments do too.

4) Why 'the majority'? Trying to pressure us with your power in numbers? I thought Singapore is all about equality? No minority, no majority.

All it takes is just a little more understanding from each side, and everything won't be such a joke anymore.

Seriously, i'm surrounded by straight, admirable friends. They are my majority. But they are no where close 'the majority'. Things are going childishly out of hand. And we repeallers are no better! Yes, indeed, It's time for us so called "loud minority" to get 'louder' and cry foul. But need we do it extremely? NO!

Here's a snipet from

Dear Sean (#7824),Dun worry, the keepers website has obvious reasons to belived that it is a SPAM. See my comments on #7789 and #7759. They are a group of fanatics extreme from a elaborate organized group that monitor all these activities 24 hourly. Their fast reaction on all my counter-arguments over the past 48 hours further showed that they are groups organized to kill the repealers efforts. Nonetheless, their extreme reactions have backfired them creating suspicion, instigating hatred, anger, and division among Singaporeans. Anyone who is educated is able to idetify their plot easily, including the Member of Parliments whom are all elites of Singapore.Hence, we have won in this "battle", let them continue their craziness. It benifits us. Just ignore them, and dun have to be concerned on their remarks, the evil remarks do not really represent the majority. I beleive the majority Singaporeans are still civilized citizen whom will not any how name the people of different sexual orientation as criminal, phaedophile and what not.

What battle?!

Nevertheless, i'm still a repealler.
Be sure to catch the repeal377a clip posted and have a good laugh.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Sunday, October 14, 2007


Every man have their own mentors. Someone they look up to. Someone to guide them when the road is dark and unclear.

And while this man stands at the start of the road, a journey he has never embarked on with a few others in line, this man wishes to look upon his mentor. But with time, this mentor was lost. Lost to his popularity amongst others.

A new journey with no one to guide. And they've reached their first milestone.

Have the meaning of things become so diluted that everything's for an individual purpose?

no it can't be true.
I could fly if I wanted to.
like a bird in the sky,
I believe I can fly.
why I'd fly!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

True believer.

Nicholas Sparks did it again. Except from the terrible, " 3 weeks with my brother ", nicholas sparks have impressed me with all his other books. Can't wait to get his lastest book, " dear john. "

Today's a friday that doesn't feel like 1. And it's a good thing. I woke up this AFTERNOON, thinking it was saturday and i started panicking.. for wasting the whole morning zzzing. Imagine the relief i felt when i realised that it's friday instead. I know, it's only one day's difference. But it means alot..since i don't have to waste the whole evening watching tv. muahaha.

Exams are coming. EXAMS ARE COMNG! and i don't think i can zzz a day in peace without worrying about it.

Why use big words when simple ones do?

This was one of the presentation topic used by some of my classmates for comm management. Yes, why use big words when simple ones do? Textbook authors should listen to some of these presentations. I think it'll do them good. Especially Michael R. Solomon. Who is he? The author of consumer behavior's tb.

His words are so bombastic, so repetitive and soooo random, i have problem understanding the point they are trying to drive across. And i'm not finding excuses for my stupidity. My MOTHER is complaining about the same thing about her textbook.

So i conclude, textbook authors are not smart. They only use lotsa nice sounding words to make them sound smart.


A new fantastic point of view. :)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

I think smurfs are cute.

Stuck in the middle.

It's mid-sem once again. Just like how i predicted, time whizzed by without realization.

This 3 years course is bullshit. 3 yrs human time is actually only 18 months uni time, excluding holidays and the much dreaded PA.

It's been project meeting, slides, assignment, project meeting, slides, assignment over and over again for the past few days. I guess this is the better alternative for business as compared to quizzes one after another. But time seems to be wasted even more when one forgoes studying for doing mindless prep work for presentations. This time, i'm supposed to assume a role of some maths and science teacher, Ms Goh ( Ahem! ) of a childcare centre wishing to open a branch in an industrial estate. -_-'

More formal wears.


Anyhow, i've been thinking alot about SCAS lately. How tuesdays meant lunch then a swimming with the kids. I miss laughing with them + ah bert, angela (?), yuan fang, vivian, yen yen and the jacuzzi thereafter.

Man, i really miss SCAS. It was so meaningful then. If only we can repeat it all over again..

ah, emoooooooooooooo emo.

It's been a long and winding journey,
but i'm finally here tonight.
Picking up the pieces,
and walking back into the light.
Into the sunset of your glory,
where my heart and future lies.
There's nothing like that feeling,
when i look into your eyes...

My dreams came true,
when i found you.
I found you,
my miracle...

If you could see, what i see,
that you're the answer to my prayers.
And if you could feel, the tenderness i feel,
You would know, it would be clear,
that angels brought me here...