Monday, June 29, 2009

how do you ever tell which direction god wants you to go?

sometimes, problems seems to guide you in the best situation for you..but that's easy because problems exsists when you do not have options to take.

What do you do then, when 2 paths lays ahead of you.. and you have no idea what's the best for you?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

greetings from yellowstone!

its been 3 weeks since i was bumped off at old faithful and it's exactly a month to the day i leave this place and i'm starting to feel sad at the thought of leaving.

I love this place.
I love the pace of life; the lack of competition to climb the bloody ladder of success and I love that short fuse of freedom that comes with this place.

Most importantly, i've finally found a place that ceases to 'expect' from me. It might be because no one knows me here or it might be because everyone has their own business to take care of. Whatever the case, for the first time in my life, I feel like i don't need to meet any expectations or disappoint myself for failing to meet these expectations.

Of course, i don expect this to last. I'm kinda sure sooner or later, expectations will come in but the thing is, the people here don't care about expectations.

Though impossible, Singapore should learn from here. I love that i'm no longer stuck in the rat race here. There's no need to impress, to account for or to compete. Of course politics still exsist, but problems are easier settled here because everyone's willing to take a piece of the humble pie.

I wish we had such opportunities in Singapore - that we have the luxury to choose between switching jobs every season ( without being gossipped behind your back ), making new friends and seeing the world.

But i do believe that such luck is coming to an end. Once someone stays too long at a place, people start having stigmas, believe systems and expectations and the whole journey would fall back to square one.

So, as much as i hate leaving here, I'm pretty sure i have to.

Leave, while the beauty's still there.

sidenote: i certainly miss singapore food.