Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jesus!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Haven't blogged for a long time.. Not sure if I still have it in me.

I don't know why I've stopped writing really. I just went on from being busy to being speechless and then I lost all inspiration to write. Laziness comes with age you know. I did try a couple of times earlier on more eventful days to jot down thoughts, emotions or to self motivate myself for tests and stuff, but the words just didn't flow. So I've archived them and let them be. But it's Christmas! And like what all great movies say, if you can't say it at Christmas, then when can you eh?

Anyway I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Mine was a tad different this year:

My boxing day.... was laddened with CRAMPS! The most torturous form of physical pain. But other than that, this christmas has been great -- not va va voom great, but praise be to god, great.

Each week without fail, Jessica (ex-colleague) would remind me to stream Glee whenever it's released just because i've got so many tests and panic button dates sometimes that i forget it's Thursday... or is it Wednesday, or Tuesday? So last week, I thought I'd surprise her a little and catch it before she does and be the one reminding her instead! Turned out it was the best week to do it. The episode was on Christmas.. which means great music! Remember years ago when i blogged about band aid's " do they know it's christmas?" It was the IT song that episode. But what made this the icing of the cake, was how just days before that when i was rushing the OCIP slides, I shortlisted the very same song for the background music too. Needless to say, I was so engrossed in that episode and in the coincidence of hearing one of my favourite christmas songs, I forgot to remind her AND... she beat me to it again. Haha. Gotta do something about this short term memory.

Alvin and I also decided to go for midnight Christmas mass this year. Not sure why the sudden epiphany but in the midst of his chocolate giving frenzy, we all decided in a split second to go with the mother for a little birthday celebration.

I haven't formally attended mass since Hilda happened and it was exactly at christmas when I last went in to give thanks so formally. I remember part of the reason why I stopped going to church and hated (but in fact secretly loved!) going to midnight Christmas masses before was coz of alllllllll the SACians dressing up to the nines. While I enjoyed daydreaming through the sermons about a fire breaking out or experiencing a terrorist invasion in church and me rescuing the hottest girl there (AKA Audrey), I also remember always feeling like we were out of place what with me in my favourite haiwaiaan shirt - one colour for each week! - and Alvin in his Ocean Pacific shirt and oversized jeans.

So this year, we went prepared! We put on our best available shirts, jeans and shoes, combed our hair, sprayed on just the right amount of cologne and proudly strode into church. but ALAS, we still felt out of place.

No more youngsters, no more hot SACians. Nope, mostly Filipinos and family groups. I wasn't bothered by that though... abit diaooo but not bothered. Until i walked further in and found some of them in hot shorts! Wasn't there some rule about not wearing shorts and slippers to church? Of course there were people who dressed up as well.. but somehow, christmas mass didn't seem as hyped up as it was previously.

Oh well. fashion statements change all the time. Guess Alvin and I were way ahead of our time. Heh.

Cold jokes aside though, this christmas mass wasn't only special because of the lack of well dressed babes but also because we haven't spent christmas mass (or ANY mass for that matter) with mum ever since we had our own wings... and this was the first time we've met sui kim in 2 months! It was sad that we had to do without any family dinner this year because of all the dramas that unfolded recently but i'm glad we managed to work a way through it despite. The next few days were spent secretly sneaking out of the house for mini night cycling and badminton trips without the empress dowager. It felt almost as if Sui Kim and Niao Niao didn't shift out... except for the nagging sense of guilt for leaving grandma alone at home.

So like I said, Christmas was abit different this year. All of a sudden, our priorities switched to home. I mean.. not that we're that mushy, but if felt like an unspoken commandment this christmas not to leave the home empty and since everyone apparently liked making assumptions, alvin turned down his appts to stay home, alex turned down his appts to stay home and i turned down my appts to stay home. haha. not that i'm complaining though. it's nice to be like that once in a while.

Anyway I'm outta here. Long day tml. Plus I'm really in need of zzz after fighting with niao niao for a space on my bed the last couple of nights. (SHE STOMPS ON ME WHEN SHE SLEEPS AND SHE STEALS MY BLANKET AND SHE TAKES UP THE ENTIRE BED!)

Till next time folks,
and a blessed christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sunday, December 25, 2011

and yet those months have given me
many treasured moments found
memories i would for a long time keep
Till I'm six feet underground.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!